It's time to get off the sidelines.
Become an Ally and finally eradicate the evil of systemic racism forever.
Season: 1 | Episode: 5

For generations, white working-class Americans have been duped into believing an insidious lie. A lie that turns good people into soldiers for the racist 1%.

Our Leaders Are Failing Us. COVID-19 Is Our Fight Now COVID-19 is winning. Our leaders are failing.
Why Politicians Hate Scientists The tussle between empirical data and belief just got lethal.
How to Fight for Criminal Justice Reform Here's how we strike down systemic racism in law enforcement
You Don't Have The Right to Kill Me Partisan rhetoric will kill us all.
Health Care isn't a Luxury - It's more important than bullets. We need a paradigm shift, health care to health security
What's at Stake The fight for the heart of our republic is real.
The Republican $1 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill Punishes Workers How the right-wing’s latest coronavirus “relief” bill punishes the working class
Why Blacks and Their Allies Won't Quit Peace is valuable currency. Don't squander it.
Why the Fight for Social Justice Must be Nonpartisan Social Justice warriors should disavow their political party affiliation.
What Kind of Ally Are You? I’m torn by what I see in America’s streets. Black and white people standing, shouting, chanting, and sometimes bleeding next to each other.

What We're Fighting For

Dismantle Systemic Racism “The reason why we are marching all over the world is we were like George, we couldn’t breathe, not because there was something wrong with our lungs, but that you wouldn’t take your knee off our neck. We don’t want no favors, just get up off of us and we can be and do whatever we can be.” - Rev Al Sharpton
Progressive Criminal Justice Reforms Prosecutors hold the key to rolling back mass incarceration
Law Enforcement Reform In the struggle for criminal justice reform and the end of police brutality, we need to take action that moves us forward.
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