Dismantle Systemic Racism


Something is wrong in America.

You can feel it in your bones. In 2020, a perfect storm of events revealed the sickening truth about our country. The COVID-19 pandemic cut a heartbreaking swath through black and brown communities. The pandemic showed that people of color have been left to fend for themselves without adequate health care.

The killing Ahmed Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd tore open the scab on the wound of police brutality toward black America. Somehow, your sense of decency and fair play has brought you to the realization that - We are a racist and unfair nation.

Hold on, I’m not saying you’re racist or uncaring. I choose to believe you are a decent, compassionate human being.

This isn’t about you - for the moment. This is about a country that wrote slavery into its constitution and doggedly clings to the crutches of white supremacy and predatory capitalism. This is about a “system” of laws, traditions, and best practices that target people of color and the poor. This is about a regimen of brainwashing that convinces good people that the suffering of fellow citizens can be ignored, even mocked. You’re awake now and it seems that the world has changed around you. You see the casual racist remarks tossed around by good friends. You see why your black colleagues stick to themselves as if they needed a space where they are allowed to be “themselves.” You realize that the black student on your track team could be killed during a traffic stop.

You realize that you living in a racist system and you can’t take it anymore. The Next Step Coalition was started to provide a safe-space for Allies to talk, learn, and get equipped to make America a true multicultural union. Our goal is to campaign against specific disparities, dismantle racist and elitist policies, and resist the racist inertia of our community.

Together we can turn the tide.

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