Season: 1 | Episode: 2
The Making of An Antiracist
Show Notes
Before I was an antiracist - I was a racist.

No, I wasn’t a confederate flag toting caricature you’re thinking of.  I was an unwitting endorser and spreader of a popular racist idea.  It took me years to understand how I’d been duped.  

A good friend of mine said that racism in America is like the conveyer belt in airports.  We are all on for the ride and the destination is a racist society.  Doing nothing means you continue to move toward racism.  We need to get off before we walk in the opposite direction.

We will be relying on ideas derived from Dr. Ibram X. Kendi’s groundbreaking book, “How to Be an Antiracist”.  His work has given White allies a valuable foothold for examining their own beliefs and pivoting to an antiracist stance - much like myself.

Using Dr. Kendi’s work,  we’ll review the racist ideas often used by 
Segregationists and Assimilationists.   We’ll also explore how Antiracists combat these ideas with a simple thought - “Black people aren’t different than White people.”  

Be An


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