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Our Leaders Are Failing Us. COVID-19 Is Our Fight Now

Published April 22, 2020
A silent, non-partisan, non-denominational, inclusive, clever virus is threatening to destroy our way of life and if given a chance — take our lives.

I’m scared because our system of government seems incapable of fighting this threat. We are relying on a top-down command and control structure to fight an exponential enemy. Our leaders tell us to cower in our homes and wait for help. I agree with social distancing but I can no longer wait for help.

If we are to survive COVID-19 and the next pandemic that is sure to follow, we will need to lead our leaders. This is our fight now.

This is how citizen-soldiers can beat this virus

What can you do to fight this virus?

Yes. You.

Here are some ideas:

#1: Get Organized

You have a hobby, specialty, skill, mindset, or experience that can halt and smash the viral curve. My specialty is communications and creating organizational systems. Writing, recruiting, managing, and problem-solving is how I fight.
  • Coders — work with me to develop a web app that can match citizen resources with the most pressing needs.
  • 3D Printer hobbyists — he can fabricate and ship PPE mask shields
  • 3D-Printer manufacturers can ship supplies to citizen 3D-printer fabricators.
  • Churches — mobilize your congregations to make, stockpile, and distribute fabric masks.
  • Churches — convert your sanctuaries into distribution centers for medical equipment and stockpiled supplies for those who can’t fight for disinfecting wipes at the store.
  • Schools — start preparing your school gyms into overflow hospital room space.
  • Schools — can organize and ship meals to our soldiers — the doctors and nurses standing nose-to-nose with this virus.
  • YouTube Influencers — Shoot and/or promote videos on how to create DIY PPE
  • Kennels and dog groomers volunteer to walk the dogs and check in on the pets for exhausted medical soldiers.
  • Social Workers — compile resources for those impacted by the virus. Help us navigate the maze of the red-tape standing between victims and support.

I can do this all day but I hope you get my point.

The virus doesn’t stand a chance against us.

#2 Unite

COVID-19 is cunning. It slipped into the United States undetected. It spread camouflaged by the common cold. When the time came, it exploded in our urban bastions inflicting death and terrorize millions. COVID-19’s most insidious weapon is division. Separation is a necessity but also a curse particularly in a nation already divided.

During WWII — Republicans and Democrats fought and bled united. Right now, our politicians engage in petty partisanship while we wait to get sick and die. Enough is enough — it’s time to reject set aside your party loyalty and get in the fight.

Try this — set aside your political viewpoint until November. Until then be a citizen doing what you can to protect the sick and those who care for them. Use social media to organize, mobilize, and support your local community. Use the media to identify problems that you can solve. We need more volunteers, not memes.

Mahatma Gandhi exhorted nonviolent warriors to “be the change they want to see in the world”.

#3: Fight

I write this as people are dying. I decided I would start fighting by writing to you. This is what I can do right now.

The hardest step to take is the first one.

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