Systemic Racism

Why Blacks and Their Allies Won't Quit

Published July 11, 2020
America is getting a harsh lesson on justice. 

The racial tension boiling our cities and towns is forcing citizens to reconcile the impact of the past with the day-to-day struggle of the present. 

Blacks seek justice.  They want the handicap they've been saddled with removed.  They want bad cops to be prosecuted and jailed.  They want their communities decriminalized.  They want resources returned to their neighborhoods.  Justice to Blacks isn't an advantage but equity. 

Police violence is the most visible sign that justice is lacking. The protests and the rioting that sometimes comes with it are the Black community's way to focus the world's attention.  Black citizens have watched their liberty stripped and rights abused.  Together we take to the streets for justice.  Today we unsettle the peace.

Since the coronavirus has confined us indoors Blacks finally have a captive audience and for the first time this century the passionate support of White Allies.

Why unrest?  Can't we negotiate during peace?  Can cooler heads prevail?

Not this time.    We've learned that racism requires calm to flourish.  

Racists learned that overt violence against Blacks would stir public sentiment against the cause of white solidarity.  From the moment, the 13th Amendment was passed, white power has quietly woven hate into the tapestry of American life.  We’ve only unraveled this immoral conspiracy through protest and open confrontation.  

Black leaders understand that unrest is the best tool we have for forcing discussions and change.  Black Lives Matter has forced reform by creating an organization that can sustain protests for weeks and months.  BLM does not grant peace easily.  Even though leaders plead for calm, BLM smartly decided that they can only negotiate from a position of unrest.

No Justice. No Peace.

As an Ally, you must make a decision.  

Are you a troublemaker?  Will you disturb the peace?  Protest is one method. Here are others:
  • Challenging "race talk", racist jokes, and "color-blind" racism in public and private. 
  • Hiring PoC and insisting that PoC are represented as candidates for positions
  • Persuading your employer to make a commitment to AntiRacism, 
  • Using an AntiRacism litmus test for picking a candidate.  
The goal is to reject the status quo and commit to raising hell until liberty and rights are restored to Black and Brown people.

No Justice.  No Peace.


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