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The Republican $1 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill Punishes Workers

Published July 27, 2020
Let’s be clear - the right-wing elitists in control of the U.S. Senate majority hates the working class.  They view hard-working Americans to be little more than horses chained to a plow and set to work until they go broke or die.  

The latest $1 trillion coronavirus relief bill shows us how little Rich Mitch and his cronies think of us.  In particular, the bill contains two provisions that are especially ruthless.

Cutting the $600 weekly supplemental aid to $200

Elites have always accused the working class of being lazy.  Talk to a Trump supporter for more than 5 minutes and you’ll hear this threadbare refrain “People just don’t want to work.  These unemployment checks are incentivizing them not to work!”

If you check their math you realize that they mistakenly believe that 40 million people Americans unemployed Americans were bringing home either the same or more income per week.  A family who before the pandemic who earned a $1000 a week would earn, $1,600 after being laid off.  Not true and idiotic to be sure.  

No most working-class people received 30% of their income from state unemployment.  The $600 government assistance restored 80-85% of their income.  Considering most families live check to check, this 20% pay cut is putting them further behind.  These families are not “gaming” the government, the opposite actually, working-class families just got smacked with a pay cut.

Now Senate Republicans are magnanimously offering $200 / week assistance.  They believe the lower amount would force people to go back to work.  Workers have been fighting to get back to work since they were laid off - but they can’t afford to take a pay cut!  Mortgage, car, and utility payments haven’t budged.  They need their pre-pandemic paycheck.  The initial $600/week was helpful but far from being an incentive to sit home - refusing to go back to work.  The $200 is an insult.

That’s why we believe that the House and Senate should take the same cut in pay as the American people.  I think most would agree that politicians aren’t essential workers.

Extending Liability Protections to Businesses

In many states, it’s dangerous to go to work.  A COVID-19 diagnosis for many means weeks of recovery.  A worker’s health is their employer’s responsibility. It is the employer’s responsibility to put the procedure’s in place to ensure a healthy COVID-free workplace.


Not if Mitch has anything to say about it.  Nestled in the Republican bill is a little chestnut that extends liability protections to businesses.  Simply, Mitch is making sure that businesses can’t be held liable for making their workers sick.

What do you think - will a business take the steps needed to keep its workers safe if there are no repercussions?  Hell no.

Let’s Review How You Get Screwed

First, the 5-month financial nightmare will continue. You will be getting even less.  It’s likely that you are not going to be rehired at your old job.  They have learned how to operate without you. You will need to find a job in a buyers market where you are locked in a blood match with the other 40 million unemployed. Last, whoever hires you can put token sanitation processes and go back to business as usual knowing you can’t do anything about it.

The parasitic alliance between big business and corrupt politics strikes again. 


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