Season: 1 | Episode: 3
Fighting for Antiracism at the Ballot Box
Show Notes
I bet you are frustrated.  You want to do something about racism but all you can do is argue your case on Facebook.  The good news is - you can do more.  In this episode, we’ll talk about steps you can take to use the power of your vote to advance the cause of Antiracism.
 We’ll show you
  • How to quickly see who is on your ballots 
  • The issues Antiracists care about and how you can identify candidates who support our movement
  • Direct action you can take today that many voters overlook
  • How to use Facebook to undermine racism and gut systemic antiracism
I suggest you listen to the entire episode and then schedule some time to listen again and take notes.  This episode is jam-packed and I don’t want you to miss anything. 

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